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IEC 61511 maintenance committee (MT61511) Survey Request – please complete by 30/09/2017

Earlier this year the IEC-61511 Committee sent out a survey from a working group established by the sub-committee responsible for IEC-61511-1 2nd Edition, Functional Safety – Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry. It has come to the attention of the IEC-61511 Committee that some comments WERE NOT properly captured by the survey tool particularly from certain countries (e.g. France). This could have been due to internet connection issues or improperly closing and submitting the survey responses. The Survey Working Group has therefore decided re-open the survey starting today (September 12th, 2017) through Saturday, September 30th, 2017. If you received this invitation and have already participated in the survey and were able to complete it, we should have all of your information and you DO NOT need to re-take the survey. If you received this invitation to participate in the survey earlier this year and started providing responses to the survey but did not have an opportunity to complete it, we invite you to go back into the survey and complete it at this time. If you have not had an opportunity to take the survey, we invite you to do that at this time. The link to the survey is provided below. 

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure that written comments are properly captured, please make sure to do the following when completing the survey:

  1. Using the ‘NEXT” button, move forward the LAST page of the survey to positively Save and Finish the survey.
  2. If possible, provide your e-mail address with response to confirm that you have indeed responded to the survey.

Your feedback will help the working group identify the appropriate content for a Technical Report (TR) that will be developed as a supplement to IEC-61511-1 2nd Edition. The working group aims to identify those clauses in Part 1 of the standard which may benefit from additional clarification and further elaboration on the rationale behind the identified clauses. By providing your input on identifying those areas you find potentially problematic or unclear, you will benefit from the content of the Technical Report that will help address your concerns. Also, if requested, you will have an opportunity to indicate if you wish to receive a copy of the survey results.

We encourage you to request the input of your colleagues inside your organization as part of your survey response. You are also welcome to forward this survey to other informed individuals and parties who are familiar with and work with IEC 61511.

Please note, we are not seeking input on changes to the standard itself at this time – opportunities for this will come in the following years as the committee turns its focus towards its work on the next edition. 

Completing this survey will take some preparation and we recommend you review IEC-61511-1, 2nd Edition and prepare your comments to the various clauses prior to entering these online. The survey will allow you save your response and continue the survey at a later date by clicking on the “Save and continue later” button at the bottom of each page of the survey. Please note that “*” at the end of any question indicates that a response is required before proceeding.

Here is the link to the Survey:

Please complete your responses to the survey by September 30th, 2017.

On behalf of the IEC-61511 Survey working group, we thank you for your time and input in completing this survey.