The committee met (primarily) to agree a way forward for the following items:

  1. Addressing the technical errors identified in the recently-released Edition 2 of IEC 61511-2. The following approach was agreed:
  • Issue corrections (the five technical errors agreed) as Corrigendum ASAP
  • Issue IEC 61511-1 Edition 2 Amendment 1 (i.e. “Edition 2.1”) as CDV in June 2016
  • Address comments for approval
  • Voting for acceptance Autumn 2016
  • This approach was generally seen as preferable to fast-tracking Ed3.
  1. A working group was set up to develop a Technical Report to provide additional clarification and rationalisation on IEC 61511-1 Ed 2. The secondary objective is to begin preparations for Ed 3.
  2. Comments on IEC 61511-2 and 3 Edition 3 FDIS were reviewed and it was agreed to submit these standards to IEC for release.