SaRS’ success in receiving an Engineering Council Licence means that our organisation has more opportunity to engage with and contribute to engineering policy and research. In turn this adds value to membership and Affiliate Organisation Membership. In 2021 SaRS is introduced an Affiliate Organisation Forum.

This includes our current Affiliate Organisations and will, in 2024 provide an opportunity to contribute to a ‘State of the Safety and Reliability Nation’ Report on a series of key, high concept areas that key into National Engineering Policy Unit issues-please see the graphic below.

SaRS Inaugural Affiliate Organisation Forum was held on 24th March 2021. Thank you to all the Affiliate Organisations who joined and contributed. If your organisation did not join this or subsequent forums, we will be holding full forums in 2024/25

At previous forums, representatives of Affiliate Organisations and SaRS Council Members discussed topics that match Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) projects. Following interesting presentations from CRA, RAS Ltd, AFRY and Sellafield Ltd, attendees moved to breakout rooms and discussed the listed topics and a separate more urgent issue which was sent to SaRS at short notice from RAE.
Affiliate Gathering Plans for 2024/25

In 2024/25 SaRS will provide a series of gatherings for representatives of Affiliate Organisations to gather to discuss different aspects of technical and organisational recovery.

The format will be a technical presentation general round-the-table introduction and update from each Affiliate Organisation, including proposed topics for discussion. If you have any proposed topic please do send them to

We are currently looking at venues in the north and south of the UK to hold this series of meetings. We will contact Affiliate Organisations with further details, do please check back for updates.