The Safety & Reliability Society (SaRS) webinar programme is brought to you by the SaRS Webinar Working Group (WWG) with the objectives of: Providing high quality cross industry learning on interesting safety and reliability (S&R) topics, Promoting the message of a safer and more reliable world, Encouraging greater participation in the development of S&R across all industries, Providing presenting, career development and CPD opportunities to individual S&R practitioners, Broadening the reach of SaRS and encouraging more S&R professionals to get involved with the Society, Helping to meet the charitable aims of the Society

As with all SaRS groups the WWG consists enthusiastic S&R professionals who volunteer their time to help promote S&R across all industries. The members of WWG are: Angela Ku – Jacobs, Simon Burwood – Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd., Jibril Okin – Process/Technical Safety Engineering Consultant, Colin Dennis (Chair) – SaRS, Louise Whiting – Barberton Ltd and Eileen Banks – Ultra CSS

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1. Smart Motorways

This is a SARS London Branch Event

24th November 2020 at 18:15 UK time. Please register here

Smart motorways have been in the news over the last few years and an action plan has been agreed to improve the safety of existing and future motorway schemes. Come and hear from the experts on how smart motorways work, how safety is managed on Highways England’s projects, what the review into motorway safety found, and the proposed action plan.

The event will aim to have shorter presentations than usual and a longer Q&A, so you have time to ask the experts. Get your questions ready!

Our Speakers:

Max Brown is Head of Road Design for Highways England. He is technical lead for the development of smart motorways and sits on Highways England’s National Safety Control Review Group and Operations Technical Leadership Group.

Peter Whitfield sits on the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation Safety Panel, and on Highways England’s National Safety Control and Review Group and Operations Technical Leadership Group.

James Catmur was Safety Champion on the first active traffic management scheme (M42 ATM). He advises Highways England on motorway safety and is a member of the safety team on the new CHARM highway control system.

This SaRS London Branch event is now being presented as a Webinar due to the current Coronavirus restrictions.

To register for this event please click here. This event is free and open to both SaRS members and non-members.

2. Solent Branch – Sustainability in Space? – Could Safety Cases help?

3rd December 2020 at 18:00 UK time. To register please click here

The growth of satellites in orbit has been matched by a growth in orbital debris. With the recent increase in mega constellations, the importance of taking a sustainable approach to space operations is increasingly a priority. Since the earliest days of space activity, international agreements such as the Outer Space Treaty, national laws and licensing, and of course standards and guidance have all played a part in ensuring that a balanced approach is taken to space operations. But what else can be learnt from other sectors ? This talk will explore what aspects of the ground based regulatory environment in the UK could be usefully applied to a hypothetical Safety Case in Space approach. Considering a generic low earth orbit mid-sized satellite, the pros and cons of a potential safety case informed approach will be explored for a full lifecycle in orbit operation, from deployment through to de-orbiting.

The webinar will be presented by:

Dr Emma Taylor. Emma is an award winning Chartered Engineer with 30 years safety and risk experience across space, energy and transport. A Fellow of the Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS), the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the Royal Astronomical Society, she led the ISO standards team on debris mitigation and carried out research on spacecraft resilience under impact. As Council member of a Professional Engineering Institution (SaRS), she leads the team that awards CEng and IEng under licence from the Engineering Council.  She is currently working with the rail industry on strengthening digital safety across different asset types.

To register for the event please click here. Attendance is free and open to both SaRS members and Non-Members.

3. Explosions:  A historical perspective of research at DNV-GL Spadeadam and a look to the future

8th December 2020 at 17:30. To register please click here

There have been significant advances in the understanding of gas explosions over recent decades.  This has taken us to a position where advanced explosion models are routinely used in design projects.  The development of our knowledge of the physical processes involved will be summarised with key points illustrated by video of large scale experiments conducted over a period of forty years at DNV-GL Spadeadam Research & Testing, Cumbria, UK.  The relevance of this understanding to the future energy transition will also be discussed.

Speaker: Mike Johnson, DNV-GL

To register for the Webinar, please click here. Attendance is free and open to both SaRS members and Non-Members.

4. Digital safety and cyber security – a time for questions

17th December 2020 at 17:00 UK time. Please register here

A panel of cyber security experts from different industries will be answering your questions on this important area.

Detailed information on the event and the panel members to follow.

This event is free and open to both SaRS members and non-members.

To register for the event please click here

Forecasting Reliability Through Life – Presented by Ms Paula Pritchard and Dr Matthew Stapleton of the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE).

To register for this event please click here. The event is free and is open to both SaRS members and non-members.

5. London Branch – Forecasting Reliability Through Life

27th January 2021 at 13:00 UK time. To register please click here.

During the second half of 2018, AWE investigated using Bayesian Mathematics for forecasting reliability for the life of a product. This work has enabled the further development in AWE’s capability for managing uncertainty and quantifying potential risks in engineered components.

A repeatable and robust model has been applied to enable forecasts of reliability through life. The Forecasting Reliability Through Life (FRTL) study comprised of a Component Sensitivity Study (CSS) and the Random Onset Model (ROM). The ROM is a Los Alamos National Laboratories Bayesian mathematical model for forecasting a distribution of probabilities for the onset of degradation. The ROM suggested that the forecasted degradations for the components under scrutiny were beyond 2050. Furthermore, the ROM provided a formal method for exploring the premise that the onset of degradation of electronic components in a single shot system is less detectable than the onset of degradation for mechanical components.

The webinar will provide an overview of the study; it’s purpose, the methodology used, a description of the findings and the steps that have been taken.

Our Speakers:

Paula Pritchard has been a Reliability lead at AWE for 2 years and has worked in area for 5 years. She has prior experience as a Systems Engineer working on Condition Monitoring techniques, also at AWE. This year marks her 17th year at AWE.

Dr Matthew Stapleton has worked for over 14 years in defence, with 8 years as a statistician at AWE, working on a variety of reliability and safety related applications.

To register for this event please click here. The event is free and is open to both SaRS members and non-members.

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