The SOCIETY – SaRS Newsletter is the monthly publication aimed at keeping members informed of all aspects of interest on a regular basis. The Society Newsletter typically carries information about national, branch and organisation matters. You can also read news from the Engineering Council and the Royal Academy of Engineering relevant to SaRS Members.

SaRS members receive a postal copy of the SOCIETY newsletter and can read it digitally in the Members Area of the website.

The newsletter provides external organisations with an opportunity to communicate with our specialised membership through our mailshot service.The Society understands the need for confidentiality of personal details, and to safeguard this we will never give your details to anyone outside the Society without your express permission. However, many organisations are keen to market their services to our specialised membership range through our database. As we are committed to bring you value-for-money membership whilst respecting the confidential nature of your membership, we arrange for an in-house monthly mailing of goods, services and recruitment information to be included with your Society Newsletter. This way, you get the information but no one else gets your personal details.