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101. Pressure Relief: Seven Deadly Sins – Steven King

**100**. London Branch – Safety Culture – A Case Study in Establishing a Reporting Culture in a Major Theme Park – Jonathan Ellis

99. Diving in a Nuclear Pond – Development of the Safety Case – Oliver Horton

98. London Branch – Early Careers Professionals Presentation Event – Ricky Campion, Gareth Davies and Alexandra Hurst

97. Midlands Branch – Modelling dependencies in complex systems: The Dynamic and Dependent Tree Theory (D2T2) – Dr. Silvia Tolo

96. Creating meaningful actions in risk assessments – Louise Whiting

95. Reliability Validation in Product Development at Jaguar Land Rover. Andrew Brown


94. Lesson from a HAZOP Facilitator – Louise Whiting – including the recording of the Q&A associated with second run of this presentation on 14th May 2024

93. Blending Artificial Intelligence developments into Safety Management Systems: A bridge to Adversarial AI? – Professor Weisi Guo and Dr Emma Taylor

92. Improving Spares Inventory Management – Optimisation for Multiple Maintenance Regimes – Philip Xenakis

91. Human Failures – What are they and how can we minimise the associated risk? – Derek Porter – including the recording of the Q&A associated with second run of this presentation on 9th January 2024

90. London Branch – Drone utilisation in engineering, construction and beyond – Reg Rudd and James Catmur

89. London Branch – Training and Risk: Effective control or tick-box exercise? – Huw Gibson, Jack Brooke, Priya Shah, Reg Rudd and Andy Brown 

88. Effectively Managing the Case for Safety – Dr. Andy Painting

87. London Branch – At the Limit? Using operational data to estimate train driver human reliability – Chris Harrison and Xiaocheng Ge,

86. Offshore safety – David Jamieson and Eugene Yasinskiy:

85. Midlands Branch – Development of Risk Assessment Methodologies for Gas Distribution Systems Containing Hydrogen, both to and within homes and other Buildings – Dr. Andrew Phillips

84. Reliability Validation for Electrified Powertrains – Andrew Brown

83. Midlands Branch – Ammonia as a future clean energy fuel: knowledge gaps and ongoing risk studies – Simon Gant

82. London Branch – Early Career Professionals Presentation Event – Jack Crossfield, Noodhir Sobun and Sean Pick


81. Midlands Branch – “It’s a Risky Business”? (Qualitative, quantitative or just a wet finger!) – Peter Sheppard

80. London Branch – The Ethics of Risk Intensity Transfer – James Catmur, Ali Chegini, Emma Conway and Richard Hillman

79. London Branch – ‘Vision Zero’ for Road Safety – Axel Kappeler, Kate Carpenter, James Catmur and Tom Curson

78. Railway Safety in a Period of Change – George Bearfield

77. London Branch – The safety of low carbon hydrogen and its applications – Dr. Gianluca Carigi, Hassan Al Halwachi and Ed Macfarlane

76. Asia-Pacific Branch – Digital Maintenance for Rolling Stock:

75. Midlands Branch – Current challenges and future solutions for systems safety analysis – Dr Silvia Tolo

74. Asia-Pacific Branch – Dependent Failures – Dr. Phil Cook

73. London Branch – Safety of offshore wind power generation – Kate Harvey, Rob Alexander and David White

72. Asia-Pacific Branch – Balancing Risk and Cost – do the Old Rules of SFAIRP Still Apply in 2022? – Steve Bickley, Abbott Risk Consulting

71. Solent Branch – Designing a mandated, proactive, reliability process customised to the railway infrastructure in Britain – Kevin Rayment, Network Rail


70. Midlands Branch – Incident to Improvement – Peter Sheppard

69. London Branch – A ‘Chadwick’ to solve today’s building miasma (are your buildings COVID safe?) – Paul Waldeck and James Wright

68. London Branch – Identifying, Recording and Investigating a Digital Incident – Brian Tomlinson, Simon French and Emma Taylor

67. The 3 layers of defence – The case for systematic barrier assurance – Harry Moss

66. London Branch – Early Career Professionals Presentation Event – Sophie Brown, Nic Bowler and Hamzah Hussain

65. Asia-Pacific Branch – Rail Tunnel Safety – Dr Fathi Tarada

64. Solent Branch – Asset Management – John Skelton

63. Asia-Pacific Branch – Safety leadership through the application of system assurance – Nelson Ng

62. Carpe Data: the impact of digitalisation on risk assessment and insurance – co-hosted with the IRM – Clive Thompson and Mark Boult

61. Living Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Risk Visualisation – Hugh Stephenson and Marinos Panayiotou

60. Midlands Branch – The Nimrod Independent Review, 12 years on. What did we learn? – John Campbell

59. London Branch – Value of Safety Culture: Panel Discussion – Professor Patrick Hudson, Diane Chadwick-Jones and Hesam Mehrabi Mahani 

56 to 58. Lessons learned from 10 years of using the CSMRA:


49. London Branch – Road Tunnel Safety – Dr Fathi Tarada

48. Solent Branch – Improving safety at UK station platforms for disabled people – an accident investigation by the RAIB – Alex Mason

47. Fukushima: A Decade on – Dr Mike Weightman CB, Dr Marie-Laure Hicks and Mark Salisbury

46. London Branch – Innocent Bystanders? Taking human activities into account in QRA – David Stephens

45. Asia-Pacific Branch Webinar – Fundamentals of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Verification – Jaspreet Chana

44. London Branch – Forecasting Reliability Through Life – Paula Pritchard and Dr Matthew Stapleton

43. Solent Branch – Testability: Requirements, Assurance, Benefits and Considerations for Autonomous Platforms – Alan Bennett



39. Digital safety and cyber security – a time for questions – Dr Emma Taylor, Betty Helienek, Dr Fan Ye and Hayden Tomlins

38. Midlands Branch – Explosions: A historical perspective of research at DNV-GL Spadeadam and a look to the future – Mike Johnson

37. Solent Branch – Sustainability in Space? – Could Safety Cases help? – Dr Emma Taylor

36. London Branch – Smart Motorways – Max Brown, Peter Whitfield and James Catmur

35. Midlands Branch Flammable Mists Hazards involving High Flashpoint Liquids – Dr Simon Gant

34. London Branch Safety-II and the Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) – Dr Laura Pickup, Dr Mark Sujan and Dr Riccardo Patriarca

33. London Branch Safety, Security and Sustainability in Space – Mythbusters and Managing Risks – Ralph Dinz Dinsley, Christopher Newman and Emma Taylor

32. Putting the fun into safety – managing the many dimensions of safety in a theme park complex environment – Jonathan Ellis

31. Solent Branch Insights into the new MOD guidance on In-service Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) – Nat King and Alan Bennett

30. London Branch Early Career Professionals Presentation Event – Gilad Amzaleg, Esme Fowler and Raunak Kabra


26. Human Factors and Asset Management – Nicola Fairburn

25. Safety Leadership – Robert de Boer

24. Fundamentals of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Verification – Jaspreet Chana

23. Incident Investigation – Key Insights for High Hazard Industries – Roger Stokes and Robert Magraw

22. Delivering Safety and Reliability through Industry Collaboration – Fotis Zapantis and Giulia Lorenzini – SaRS/YRP

21. London Branch Bowties and their use in different industries – Mark Boult and Hamid Kareshki

20. Risk Culture In Commercial Air Transport – Cengiz Turkoglu


13. London Branch 30 Years of SIL – Ron Bell, James Catmur and Jas Singh

12. ‘Hidden’ Hazards of Materials – Alec Bounds


11. Taking Safe Decisions—A Rail Perspective – Mike Castles

10. Automotive Intelligent Speed Adaptation – Will It Be Friend Or Foe? – Prof Oliver Carston and Simon Wickenden

9. Cybersecurity – What’s the Threat? – Nigel Stanley, Richard Bye and Scott Meadows

8. Functional Safety: Proof Testing – What’s It All About?  – David Green

7. Risk Acceptance in Critical Sectors: A Wicked Problem – George Bearfield

6. How Safe Is Safe Enough? – Ron Bell OBE

5. Are Risk Matrices Hazardous? David Gleave, Keith Miller and Steven Hughes

4. Understanding the Safety Of Healthcare – Dr Mark Sujan, Dr Dominic Furniss and Dr Chris Vincent

3. Is There Really Safety in Numbers? – Keith Miller, Colin Dennis, James Catmur

2. Producing A Legally Sound Demonstration of ALARP – Keith Miller

1. Appropriate Conservatism in Safety Cases – Alec Bounds

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