The Safety and Reliability Society aims to provide an evolving Body of Knowledge for professionals. This page provides a sample of our wider industry-organised Body of Knowledge in our Members Area. Please inquire about membership to access the Members Area.

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List of other sites containing Safety and Reliability reference material – this links to a mind map of various relevant resources.


Concept of Dependability


The society is active in the development of standards – see Standards for Safety and Reliability page.


ALARP – explanation (HSE Website) See Annex 3

Further guidance is given and in a suite of three guidance documents:

Principles and guidelines to assist HSE in its judgements that duty-holders have reduced risk as low as reasonably practicable

Assessing compliance with the law in individual cases and the use of good practice as reasonably practicable

Policy and Guidance on reducing risks as low as reasonably practicable in Design


Safety Risk Aggregation: The Bigger Picture, S Rhys David – Partner Safety Assurance Services Ltd., Farnham, Surrey

HSE risk education network – As part of  SaRS’ charitable aims is to educate, members are encouraged to explore the risk education network to find and share useful teaching resources, sources of information and also post an offer to give guest lectures specifying the topics and locations they are willing to travel to. To join the network, please click here.

Industry Specific:


Applied R&M Manual for Defence Systems (GR-77)

List of 270 Standards for Reliability in excel format

Notes from ‘Safety in Engineering’ Royal Academy Discussion Meeting 13th July 2011


RSSB: Rail Risk Portal

Site dedicated to railway risk and in particular the risk resources provided by RSSB.

Taking safe decisions‘– how Britain’s railways take decisions that affect safety

Describes the principles applied to UK railway industry decisions which impact upon safety.  Contains framework and worked examples.


Office of Rail Regulation Risk Management Guidance

Provides high-level guidance and general principles on the application of so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) and cost benefit analysis (CBA) to railway safety.



Operators Guide to Human Factors in Aviation

The Flight Safety Foundation Operators Guide to Human Factors in Aviation (OGHFA) is now hosted on SKYbrary and contains over 100 articles and visual aids…

Read the Guide:

For more information visit the aviation safety knowledge base SKYbrary: or visit

Oil and Gas

Prevention of fire and explosion, and emergency response on offshore installations ACoPs

This Code of Practice and guidance is a publication which sets out what you have to do to comply with Offshore Installations (Prevention of Fire and Explosion, and Emergency Response) Regulations 1995 and is has been approved and issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

Read the guidance here.