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COVID-19 Announcement

SaRS London Branch events are currently only online meetings and webinars due to the Coronavirus restrictions. We hope to be able to present our normal evening presentation/networking events again later in the year.

What we do

Each year the branch organises a number of evening lectures, most of which are also broadcast as live webinars. As with all SaRS branches, the branch covers a wide range of industries and organisations which include marine classification, railway design, assurance and operators. Lectures address topics which are of relevance to Safety and Reliability Professionals and are an excellent method of keeping informed of current developments; additionally the meetings are an ideal networking opportunity.

SaRS London Branch covers London and surrounding area with Central London at its heart and providing the location of many of the events organised by the branch. In addition, the branch promotes a number of events organised by related organisations in the London area which might be of interest to members of the SaRS London Branch community.

The branch events calendar year runs from September to June each year.

Upcoming Events

Innocent Bystanders? Taking human activities into account in QRA

The methods in common use for quantitative risk assessment in the oil and gas industries model consequences of hazardous releases in detail, but do not address causes. In particular, they treat workers as innocent bystanders, ignoring their influence on hazard scenarios. As a result, QRAs cannot fully meet their objectives. In particular:

  • Since they ignore causes of releases, they do not help identify or evaluate prevention measures, but only consequence mitigation;
  • Treating Location Specific Individual Risk (LSIR) as independent of personnel distribution underestimates risk to people engaged in activities such as maintenance that tend to cause releases.

This webinar, which will be held on 25th February 2021 at 6pm, will explore how risk predictions can be refined without making QRA models unduly complex, and how the resulting information can be used to guide other methods such as HAZOP and Bowtie towards the most significant causes of release and methods to mitigate them.

Our Speaker: David Stephens of Oxford Hazard Management Ltd.

For more details on the event please follow this link. To register, please click here.

Future events to watch out for:

  • Tour of Air Accident Investigation Branch’s facilities in (AAIB) in Farnborough – postponed from April – new date to be announced
  • Accident Investigations Across Industries – What Can/Did We Learn
  • Career Paths in Safety and Reliability

Details will be on the Our Events page of the website once they are confirmed.

Recent Events

Please note that all SaRS London Branch event recordings are stored within the Member’s Area of the website. You need to have joined SaRS to access the links listed below. For further details, please consult our Join SaRS page.

Forecasting Reliability Through Life

This event introduced the work from the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in using Bayesian Mathematics for forecasting reliability for the life of a product. This work has enabled the further development in AWE’s capability for managing uncertainty and quantifying potential risks in engineered components.

The recording of the event webinar is now available and accessible using this link.

Smart Motorways

This was an event allowing our audience to hear from the experts on how smart motorways work, how safety is managed on Highways England’s projects, what the review into motorway safety found, and the proposed action plan.

The recording of the event webinar is accessible using this link.

Safety-II and the Functional Resonance Analysis Method

An event which introduced the basic principles of Safety-II and the Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) as the most widely used Safety-II method, including application of FRAM in the maritime and healthcare sectors.

The recording of the event webinar is accessible using this link.

Safety, Security and Sustainability in Space

An evening event which brought together safety and space specialists to explore the significant challenges that are developing in sustainable space operations today.

The recording of the event webinar is accessible using this link.

Branch News

  • If you want to know how to join the Safety and Reliability Society, view the presentation here
  • Most of the presentations from the London Branch events and their associated webinar recordings can be viewed via the “Members’ Area” of the SaRS website

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If you wish to be included in the London Branch distribution list please e-mail the branch co-ordinator and we will arrange for your to receive information from the branch.

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Branch Chair: Vincent Ganthy

Branch Coordinator: John Stringer


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For further information on the London Branch (including events), please contact the branch co-ordinator, John Stringer.