The Society is committed to providing members with guidance on Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Professional development is at the centre of the aspirations of the Society and we are keen that members take part. Registration with the Engineering Council carries an obligation through their code of conduct for professional development. From 2016 all registrants will be obliged to record CPD. More information about Engineering Council requirements here.

The Society provides an online portal for Continuing Professional Development. mycareerpath can be found in the Members Only area of the website and is available by registering for this part of the website. If you have any questions about CPD or mycareerpath, please call the SaRS office on 0161 393 8411.

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It’s the systematic way of keeping up to date in your field(s) of professional work.


Because working professionals from all disciplines need to refresh and widen their knowledge. All institutions and professional societies require their members to maintain current awareness within their chosen discipline; from 2016 it will be a mandatory requirement of the Engineering Council for a registrant to maintain CPD and this will be sampled. A member of an institution/society may be required to complete CPD


Throughout your career. Consider your immediate and longer term professional needs, how you can satisfy them, and integrate them into your working life.


Follow the guidelines above and register with mycareerpath.

Historical SaRS Events for CPD Purposes

2013 Events

09/10/2013 Joint Evening Technical Event – Summary of Piper 25

03/10/2013 SaRS2013 – Metamorphosis: Safety and Reliability in Times of Change

12/06/2013 Managing Ageing Assets: Everything gets old

24/04/2013 ‘What is Process Safety Management? – North of Scotland CPD Seminar

06/03/2013 ‘How Important is Reliability?’ An insight into reliability tools and their application to industry

2012 Events

13/09/2012 SaRS2012: Reading the Tea Leaves: Performance Indicators and the Monitoring of Safety and Reliability

03/07/2012 What has Reliability ever done for us?

13/06/2012 Paradigm Shifts: Cross-Industry Lessons Learned from Fukushima and other Major Incidents

11/06/2012 Monday 11th June 2012 – Professor Andrew Hopkins to speak at Evening Event in Aberdeen

2011 Events

24/11/2011 Leadership and Process Safety CPD Workshop

15/09/2011 Safety Acceptance Criteria – is ALARP enough?

05/07/2011 21st Century Reliability – the way forward

21/01/2011 Charles-Haddon Cave QC – Lunchtime Seminar

2010 Events

25/11/2010 CPD Leadership Workshop

14/10/2010 SaRS2010 – 30 Years of Risk Assessment

15/07/2010 21st Century Reliability: the first decade

17/6/2010 Language of Safety

2009 Events

15/09/2009 ALARP and Timeframe Seminar

15/07/2009 21st Century Reliability

11/06/2009 Managing Ageing Assets Workshop