SaRS Council

SaRS governing body is the Council, supported by a number of committees each responsible for various aspects of business.


Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes (F&GP) committee, which consists of Directors and Trustees, meets 4 times per year. The main work of the committee is the detailed monitoring and scrutiny of the finances of the Society and SaRS Ltd, in order that Council can rely on summary information rather than poring over the detail of every entry on the balance sheets. The committee also oversees the general running of the Society, and in particular the Office.


  • Richard Denning (President)
  • Peter Sheppard (Chair)
  • Emma Taylor (Past Chair)
  • Colin Dennis (Past Chair)
  • Peter Stanton (Finance Director)
  • Jacqueline Ward (Chief Executive)

External Affairs Committee

  • Providing feedback to SaRS members on the activities within external bodies (reports on external bodies here);
  • Co-ordinating technical input to standards bodies e.g. BSI and response to consultations from HSE, BSI, etc.
  • SaRS Branches
  • SaRS Affiliate Organisation and Academic Affiliates
  • SaRS Early carrier members development


  • Peter Sheppard
  • Harry Hopkins
  • Jo Hursell
  • Ross Dunsford
  • Mikela Chatzimichailidou
  • Andy Buchan
  • Colin Dennis
  • Richard Derrett Smith

Corresponding Members

  • Allan Bain
  • Simon Burwood
  • Martin Cottam
  • Rhys David
  • Richard Denning

Membership Committee

Reviews membership applications and ensures that potential members meet the appropriate standard.


  • Richard Denning (Chair)
  • Nick Barnett
  • Trevor Cockram
  • Mr P Short
  • Mr P Stanton
  • Mr O Ugboaja

Engineering Membership Committee

  • Emma Taylor (Chair)
  • Simon Rutherford (Deputy Chair)
  • Richard Denning (Chair CPD Sampling and Assessment)
  • Isuru Herath (Chair Academic Assessment Committee)
  • Harry Hopkins (Chair Professional Registration Advice)
  • Jacqueline Ward