Seyi Weli MSc CEng MSaRS

I am a Chartered Engineer with thirteen years of experience in safety, verification and assurance. My principal areas of specialism include Technical Safety, Process Safety, Risk & Environmental Engineering.

I am focused on strategically making a positive impact and continuous improvement in organisations through ensuring people, process and engineering safety is achievable and achieved. My experience also includes successful technical and operational leadership, working closely with internal and external stakeholders and facilitating engagements at all levels through great listening skills and an open-door policy to promote the right safety mindset and culture.

My passion for youth development and promoting women in engineering led me to be a career e-Mentor for University of Sheffield Chemical Engineering students. 

I was previously Chair of Production Chemicals Sub-Group for European Oilfield Speciality Chemicals Association (EOSCA) for 5yrs.

Since joining SaRS as a member in 2014,  I have experienced career advancement and development. In 2019, I joined the SaRS Council, London Branch committee, CPDSAC, and Engineering Membership Committee to give back to the profession. Working closely with elite professionals in the Safety and Reliability field has been an amazing experience that has further developed my career and person.  With the increasing relevance of Safety and Reliability across industries, SaRS is an organisation that any engineer will greatly benefit from.