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ISO 45001 –

Please note: only comments which the UK Committee can submit to ISO are ones which contain (i) a specific proposal for rewording and (ii) a rationale for the change, cross referenced to a specific line number in the published DIS. More general comments, criticisms, or suggestions for improvement, really cannot be accommodated as the ISO committee typically receives thousands of comments and can only devote time to clear and specific proposals for change, and will effectively ignore more general comments.

Making a clear proposal of the form “change <wording x> to <wording y>” in the “proposed change” column of the comments template, with a clear justification in the “comments” column will maximise the chances of the proposal being adopted.’

Health and Safety Executive Current Consultations and Discussions

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Results for ICT survey on the nature of work

Previous Standards for Comment:

Previous standards considered by this committee can be viewed here:

Previous Dependability Standards for Review:

There were 7 dependability standards for review.  All at CD stage, which is the main commenting stage.

60812 – FMEA
62775 – Asset Management Systems
62856 – Open Systems
60300-3-10 Maintainability
61078 – RBD
61079 – Failure rates and stress models
62550 – Spare parts provisioning