Wednesday, 15th March 2023 at 12:30pm

For a copy of the slides from the webinar please click here.

For a copy of the report that the webinar was based on please click here.

A research document was compiled following a Freedom of Information request to the HSE for 147 letters issued in 2019 to duty holders in the North Sea regarding non-compliances on their offshore assets.

The webinar outlines the key safety statistics from the HSE, and provide insight from the analysed letters showing:

  1. Common issues from duty holders in the North Sea,
  2. Potential weak signals in the sector, and
  3. Provide a path forward for safer operations.

In this public version the chat during the webinar has been blurred out.

The webinar is presented by:.

David Jamieson and Eugene Yasinskiy of Salus Technical.

David is the managing director of Salus Technical, a high hazard risk management consultancy specialising in software and training. David was principal inspiration behind the development of the findings behind the research paper on the HSE.

Eugene is a senior process safety engineer at Salus Technical, supporting the engineering consultancy side of the business. Eugene was involved in reviewing the research document before it was published.