Wednesday, 20th January 2021 at 6:00pm

For a copy of the slides please click here.

One area of ARM&T that has often been an issue is the definition, requirement setting and assurance of Testability, particularly at System / Platform level. In the webinar this issue will be discussed and potential resolutions identified. Testability is also a key enabler for Autonomous Systems and Digital Twins and therefore the presentation also discusses this aspect of Testability.

The presentation starts by looking at definitions of Testability and guidance from several sources, as well as user expectations, to provide an understanding of what Testability actually means and to identify other significant points relevant to Testability. The presentation then considers Testability requirement metrics and methods of providing assurance. Additional Testability capabilities, which would be particularly appropriate for Autonomous platforms and Digital Twins, False Alarms and other considerations is then covered. Finally, the presentation provides conclusions, recommendations, and references.

The webinar is presented by Alan Bennett. Alan is a Managing Consultant at BMT Defence and Security UK, with 30+ years’ experience in delivering R&M programmes across Defence, Aerospace, Satellite Communications and Oil & Gas Domains. Alan is a member of SaRS and an active member of the SaRS Solent Branch Committee. He is also R&M Capability Lead at BMT DAS UK.