The Safety and Reliability Society held an Annual General meeting on 24th November 2020.

This AGM was the first virtual AGM held by the Society and attendance at the Zoom even was high. The Chair, Peter Sheppard, opened the AGM and report were given.

Emma Taylor and Colin Dennis retired as trustees and directors at the AGM. Peter thanked Emma for her work on achieving Licenced Member Status with the Engineering Council and Colin for his work on the webinar committee, as well as both trustees serving as directors of SaRS Ltd, Chairs of the Society, and on the finance committee.

Andrew Buchan was appointed as trustee and Chair Elect for 2020/21. Peter Sheppard continues as Chair, Richard Denning as President and Peter Stanton as Financial Director.

Louise Whiting and Richard Denning were elected to SaRS Council and Peter welcomed them. Anson Jack and Trevor Cockram retired for Council. Peter thanked them on behalf of the Society for their service and contribution.

The meeting concluded with a word from the Chair about issues facing the Society in 2020/21 and how the trustees will, as ever, overview the finances and strategies to make sure SaRS runs efficiently.

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM and everyone who has contributed to SaRS over the past year.

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