16:00 in Hong Kong, 19:00 in Sydney and 08:00 in the UK. The webinar provides a brief introduction to human failures (errors and violations) and the factors which can influence their occurrence and explains how Human Failure Assessment (HFA) techniques can be used to identify these human failures and help mitigate their risks.  Some examples will be provided of how the HFA technique Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) has been successfully applied in industry to address Human Factors issues.

There will be a useful introduction to the concept of human failures, how they can contribute to the risk of safety incidents and accidents, and how application of Human Failure Assessment techniques can help address and mitigate this risk.

To enable our Asia-Pacific audience to benefit from this very popular human factors webinar, which was previously broadcast on the 13th September 2023, we have decided to re-run the event starting at 08:00 UK time, 16:00 in Hong Kong and 19:00 in Sydney. The presentation from the previous webinar will be re-run and our speaker Derek Porter will be on hand for a live Q&A following the presentation. SaRS webinars are free and open to everyone in all parts of the world.

The webinar is applicable to all industries and will be particularly suited to: Safety & Risk Analysts, Health & Safety Managers, Process Safety specialists, supervisors, plant operators and other roles involving the assessment and use of human factors.

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Our presenter will be: Derek Porter of Risktec Solutions (part of the TÜV Rheinland Group).

Derek is a Human Factors Technical Expert who works for Risktec Solutions in Warrington, UK.  He is a Chartered Ergonomist & Human Factors Specialist (C.ErgHF) with over 30 years of experience providing applied Human Factors consultancy support across safety-critical sectors in the UK and internationally, with a particular focus on the oil & gas, rail and civil nuclear industries.  His key areas of expertise include providing Human Factors Integration (HFI) and Human Factors Engineering (HFE) support to major projects and undertaking Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) and Human Reliability Assessment (HRA). Derek is experienced in the delivery of both public and company-specific Human Factors training courses to organisations working in the high-hazard industries.

Risktec is an Affiliate Organisation Member of the Safety & Reliability Society.


Tuesday, 9th January 2024 at 8:00am


Tuesday, 9th January 2024 at 9:15am