All too often we (the operator of an asset or project) receive an action from a risk assessment such as ‘Change all valves in the facility from A type to B type’. We think to ourselves that’s impossible we have already procured them or are operating them, why would we want to do this? Oh it’s rubbish we will just not accept this action.

These types of actions and many others are not useful to anyone. They are often seen as revenue generation for the facilitator and they do not address the risk identified because ultimately they are impossible to close, and as such they are left unaddressed for a long time.

Join this session to hear how you can better structure your actions to actually achieve risk reduction at your facility.

This topic will be relevant to anyone carrying out risk assessments or having to implement the actions resulting from risk assessments.

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Our speaker for the webinar will be:

Louise Whiting CEng IChemE FSaRS. Louise has over 11 years of experience in major oil and gas operators (BP and Shell). She is a Chartered member of the IChemE and holds the Professional Process Safety Engineer status from the institute. She has extensive experience in operations as well as experience in wells and projects. Majority of this experience is in upstream oil and gas onshore, offshore, North Sea and Iraq. She transitioned to technical or process safety just after achieving chartered status and has experience applying her skills in a range of environments. Louise is a Fellow of the Safety and Reliability Society, Chair 2022/23, Membership Chair. Louise holds a variety of qualifications including chartership, professional process safety engineer and certified functional safety engineer. Louise was managing director of Barberton Limited for 3 years then moving to found Deedah PSM Ltd in 2023.



Wednesday, 28th February 2024 at 12:30pm


Wednesday, 28th February 2024 at 1:45pm