Covid has shown that our current buildings are not developed to ensure the health of their occupants.  We now need to find the ‘Chadwick’, ‘Snow’ and ‘Bazalgette’ for building ventilation and occupant health. An example of this need is a recent BBC programme ‘How good ventilation dramatically reduces the risk of inhaling tiny airborne pathogens’:

For those who have not followed this long running story, Edwin Chadwick is renowned for his work, starting a huge change in urban sanitation and public health (but believing the cause of the illnesses was miasma). His work led to the Public Health Act 1848. John Snow realised that it was dirty water that was to blame not Chadwick’s miasma, and clean water supplies were needed.  Joseph Bazalgette was then involved in building the sewers that served much of London until very recently.   To learn more watch

Join us for what promises to be an interesting and wide ranging meeting when our three speakers will talk about the three miasma related subjects of building risk management, building ventilation and train ventilation.

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The webinar will be presented by:

Paul Waldeck – Technical Director, PP-L Biosafety. Paul is a Chartered Engineer with 35 years of experience in design, construction, maintenance and refurbishment of safety-critical environments. He has worked in nuclear, chemicals, food production, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, health, transport, and all the conventional sectors of the built environment in his career too. Paul successfully built a world-class specialist A.E.C. Consultancy over 25 years, which he sold in 2018.

He founded PP-L as soon as the first news about Covid broke because he knew that the specialist interventions appropriate in safety-critical environments would be needed to help protect people in conventional interior settings from this evolving and infectious airborne pathogen. Paul is a Member of The IMechE Covid-Task Force, he authored the first draft for a UV Air Cleaning Standard which he is developing as part of an NHS Scientific & Technical Board, which is soon to be published, and he regularly gives of his time to provide CPD’s to Societies, Institutions and major companies on how to prevent and control infection risk.

James Wright – RSSB. James is Lead Air Quality Specialist at RSSB with emissions and air quality experience from the automotive, marine and rail sectors. Over the last 3 years James has been leading the rail industry’s response to the issue of air quality through a coordinated research programme based around the themes of modelling, monitoring and mitigation. Tonight’s presentation focuses on some key insights from a monitoring project which aimed to improve the understanding of air quality on board passenger trains.

**Update on 1st December 2021: due to unexpected expected circumstances, one of our original speakers, Peter Bell (Marlowe Group) will unfortunately not be able to join us. This webinar will be presented by two speakers instead.


Tuesday, 7th December 2021 at 6:00pm


Tuesday, 7th December 2021 at 7:30pm