In the UK, around 21% of electricity is currently generated by nuclear power, though the vast majority of generating sites are either highly mature or are in various stages of decommissioning.

In the last year, several high-profile nuclear projects have been indefinitely postponed or cancelled. In the absence of more new projects, nuclear operators must constantly work to ensure the continued integrity and performance of their existing assets to avoid unscheduled downtime, reduce shutdowns and postpone eventual decommissioning.

With this in mind, the Managing Ageing Nuclear Assets conference will address the key engineering and regulatory challenges arising from the management of late and end of life nuclear installations and their associated infrastructure.

  • Learn about how to maximise the reliability, performance and lifetime of your nuclear fleet
  • Hear from key figures in the nuclear industry, including regulators, operators, contractors and service providers to better understand how to maximise the remaining value of their generating assets with existing budgets
  • Benefit from case studies involving submarines, defence, reprocessing plants and fuel disposal
  • Share lessons learnt from practical experience managing the engineering challenges posed by installations at the extreme of or beyond their operational life

Have a key project to share with your peers? Contact Robin Sarfas to discuss opportunities to get involved as a participating speaker at the conference.


Asset integrity for operating plants: Address challenges for effective testing, fault detection, maintenance and repair works to maintain and increase efficiency.

Maintaining non-operational assets: ensure equipment scheduled for decommissioning does not fail prior to the start of work.

Life extension for existing installations: understand and reduce the risks associated with pushing assets beyond their planned lifetimes.

Understand your regulatory obligations for ageing assets: how does current legislation impact equipment designed decades earlier and how can you meet these requirements in a cost-effective manner to ensure a return on investment.

Effective planning for decommissioning: understand the issues of decommissioning generating equipment and facilities that have degraded or been allowed to fall into disrepair, together with related safety and environmental responsibilities.


Wednesday, 16th October 2019 at 8:00am


Thursday, 17th October 2019 at 6:00pm