How does a train driver know how to stop the train at the right point along the platform? Is there a ‘right point’? What train and platform factors determine where the train should and can stop? This presentation discusses an approach used to determine platform stopping positions for a new class of train, considering different driver sizes, and the various existing infrastructure and fixtures on the platforms. Our approach uses 3D modelling and assessment to design the stop boards and position them effectively at different stations.

Measuring, Modelling and Managing the Platform Train Interface

The platform train interface is the boundary you step through every time you board a train, and in 2019 this boundary was safely crossed by passengers billions of times.  However, every now and then, something can go awry and someone can get seriously hurt – perhaps even fatally.  Join us for this presentation to learn from the Rail Safety and Standards Board how this risk can be measured, modelled and managed – and find out about the challenges involved.

We will be joined by our guest speakers:

Matt Barron – Human Factors Principal Consultant, Abbott Risk Consulting (ARC)

Varun Varadharajan – Senior Consultant, Abbott Risk Consulting (ARC)

Steve Wilson – Railway Enforcement Officer, Southeastern Railway

Alexander Patton – Risk & Safety Intelligence Analyst, RSSB


The webinar will take place on Wednesday 6th October at 6pm via Teams meeting. Please register via the YRP website if you wish to attend the event!


Here is the link to the Teams event for you to join on the day: Rail Week – Safety on the Rails


Wednesday, 6th October 2021 at 6:00pm


Wednesday, 6th October 2021 at 7:00pm