BREAKING NEWS: This event will NOW include a Q&A session with Daniel Porras, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Communications at the Secure World Foundation and Harriet Brettle, Head of Business Analysis at Astroscale.

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The growth of satellites in orbit has been matched by a growth in orbital debris. With the recent increase in mega constellations, the importance of taking a sustainable approach to space operations is increasingly a priority. Since the earliest days of space activity, international agreements such as the Outer Space Treaty, national laws and licensing, and of course standards and guidance have all played a part in ensuring that a balanced approach is taken to space operations. But what else can be learnt from other sectors ? This talk will explore what aspects of the ground based regulatory environment in the UK could be usefully applied to a hypothetical Safety Case in Space approach. Considering a generic low earth orbit mid-sized satellite, the pros and cons of a potential safety case informed approach will be explored for a full lifecycle in orbit operation, from deployment through to de-orbiting.

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Free access to the recording of the previous space related London Branch Webinar “Safety, Security and Sustainability in Space – Mythbusters and Managing Risks” will be made available to all those who register for this event. These recordings are normally only available to SaRS members. The link will be sent in the pre-event email on Wednesday 2nd and will be available for 3 days.

The webinar will be presented by:

Dr Emma Taylor. Emma is an award winning Chartered Engineer with 30 years safety and risk experience across space, energy and transport. A Fellow of the Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS), the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the Royal Astronomical Society, she led the ISO standards team on debris mitigation and carried out research on spacecraft resilience under impact. As Council member of a Professional Engineering Institution (SaRS), she leads the team that awards CEng and IEng under licence from the Engineering Council.  She is currently working with the rail industry on strengthening digital safety across different asset types.



Thursday, 3rd December 2020 at 6:00pm


Thursday, 3rd December 2020 at 7:30pm


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