In the aftermath of an incident leading to a loss (injury, fatality and/or physical damage), focus turns to understanding what happened and getting to the causal factors and root causes . Many parties have interest in this activity, often with different agendas, ranging from the Operator’s desire to learn and take actions to ensure the event or similar events are not repeated within the company; the regulators’/standards providers’ need to ensure that learning is made available to a wider audience and, as necessary, change regulation or practice; the insurers’ need to establish if the loss is covered and the associated costs; and the lawyers’ need to gather evidence to support criminal or civil actions arising from such a loss. Those involved in assessing the safety and reliability of significant hazards at any stage of a facility’s life cycle should have an interest in incident investigation. Some of the key changes in high hazard industry safety have resulted directly from the detailed and painstaking investigation undertaken following significant events. This webinar will consider how incident investigation can be undertaken using examples from the chemical and process sectors, whilst the techniques described are applicable to a wide range of sectors.

The webinar will be presented by Roger Stokes and Robert Magraw of BakerRisk Europe Ltd:

Roger graduated from UMIST in 1982 and joined ICI’s Mond Division where he initially worked in a technical capacity, and moving in 1987 into plant management.  In 1992 he joined a firm of Loss Adjusters dealing with commercial insurance claims in the high hazard processing industries.  He joined Baker Risk in 2015 and works out of the UK office as part of the Process Safety Group, where his work is currently focused on incident investigations, insurance risk engineering and process safety management. He has presented at various conferences on process safety issues and incident investigation.  In 2018 he co-authored a number of sections in the latest (3rd) edition of the CCPS book: Guidelines for Investigating Process Safety Incidents.  He is a member of the IChemE’s Loss Prevention Bulletin editorial panel. 

Robert is the Operations Manager of BakerRisk Europe Ltd and is part of the BakerRisk Process Safety Group. He has an extensive career of over twenty eight years in safety and risk management, including ten years in the oil and gas sector and over eighteen years in the nuclear industry. His main areas of technical practice currently include PHA, SIS/SIL, QRA, audit, and insurance risk engineering. He was previously head of environmental, health, safety and quality for an international nuclear services company. He also managed the corporate HSE management system and assurance program for a major international nuclear business with a global portfolio of nuclear and non-nuclear operations.

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Friday, 26th June 2020 at 1:00pm


Friday, 26th June 2020 at 2:00pm