Report from 27th January 2021 

R&M Specialist Seminar 2021: To be held on 21st Sep 2021 – the theme is maintenance optimisation and in-service performance – call for papers and sponsorship is out now.

Health of the Competence

STEM Futures Reliability Hub has been set up with 3 meetings being held.


The dedicated maintenance working group has been stood down as there is currently not the expertise or staff numbers to run this, its members are now invited to CoDERM. It is planned to re-instate this in the future. It is planned to roll forward Def Stan 00-045 Parts 2 & 3 if possible.


Licences for MoD tools RAM4, SAM & RDEMO will expire on 31st Oct 2021.

Standards & Guidance

  • Status of Relevant IEC/BSI standards are downloadable from
  • The following website was identified as providing a list of  the dependability definitions from IEC 60050-192
  • Defence standards:
    • Def Stan 00-042 Pt 3 is with the DStan team and will be released for public comment in the near future, hoping to be published this financial year.
  • STANAG 4158 (Guidelines for Classifying Incidents for Reliability Estimation of Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles) is nearing completion and it is to become an Allied Dependability Management Publication (ADMP) and will not just cover wheeled and tracked vehicles as per the current STANAG.
  • ASD Standards:
    • S4000P Issue 2 (see was published in August 2018. Further work currently on hold.
    • S5000F Issue 2 (see was published in December 2019. Latest MoD tasks: Review Chapter 3 ‘feedback data for RAMCT analysis” and to develop a new chapter jointly with Bundeswehr (Federal Defence Forces of Germany) on ‘feedback data for deployment”.
  • Requirements Setting
    • Guidance for setting R&M Performance Based Requirements was completed and published on the Knowledge in Defence site Nov 2020.
    • Guidance for setting Testability Requirements is planned for 2021.
  • Currently developing a guidance document on software reliability.

Date of next meeting: 23rd June 2021.