Report from 14th March 2018 

R&M Specialist Seminar 2018: To be held on 27th Sep 2018 – the theme is on in-service performance.

Maintenance Working Group (MWG): Next meeting 6th June 2018, which will review and comment on Version 2 ASD S4000P.

Standards & Policy

  • Status of Relevant IEC/BSI standards are downloadable from
  • The following website was identified as providing a list of  the dependability definitions from IEC 60050-192
  • Defence standards:
    • R&M and Maintenance have moved from SEE to the Guide to Engineering Activity and Reviews (GEAR), which means the Chief Engineer is now responsible for conducting sign-off.
    • ASD Standards:
      • S4000P (see was published in May 2014. Version 2 expected end 2018.
      • S5000F was published in 2016, currently trying to get changes made based on review comments from CODERM members.