2019 saw the launch of our new webinar programme. This has been an exciting development for Safety & Reliability Society (SaRS) and we have seen good growth in the number of webinars and the number of people registering to attend them. To date we have run 12 webinars both lunchtime webinars and the live broadcast of London Branch evening events. The list of the diverse range of topics covered to date is shown below.

The webinars are open to both SaRS members and non-members and aim to encourage cross-industry learning and CPD across a wide range of Safety & Reliability and risk management topics.

The webinar recordings are archived in the under the Resources area of the SaRS website, only accessible by SaRS members, providing a valuable source of reference material. An example of a typical webinar “Hidden Hazards of Materials” presented by Alec Bounds can be viewed here:

This webinar was broadcast on the 14th January and although centred on the nuclear industry it had good cross-industry learning for other industries handling hazardous materials to think about.

Two of the webinar participants said:

An informative and thought-provoking webinar by Alec Bounds (Arcadis) on unforeseen material hazards. Illustrated using case studies from the nuclear sector, the proposed approach may be easily transferred to other industries handling potentially hazardous materials – VG, Genesis Oil and Gas Ltd

Informative presentation for both experienced professionals and novices from small businesses to large corporations and services.  These webinars give a broader appreciation of cross-industry practices. NS, Leonardo, UK

We have some great new initiatives for 2020 so please see the Upcoming Webinars section of the website to see what’s on offer and register for the events.

To gain access to the webinar archive please see the range of SaRS memberships available please click the button below

If you have any questions or would like to propose a topic for a webinar please contact Colin Dennis webinar@sars.org.uk

A list of the other topics covered in the programme to date are:

  • ‘Hidden’ Hazards of Materials
  • Taking Safe Decisions
  • Automotive Intelligent Speed Adaptation – will it be Friend or Foe?
  • Cybersecurity – What’s The Threat?
  • Functional Safety: Proof Testing – What’s it all about?
  • Risk Acceptance in critical sectors: a Wicked problem
  • Are Risk Matrices Hazardous?
  • How Safe is Safe Enough?
  • Understanding the Safety of Healthcare
  • Is there really safety in numbers?
  • Producing a Legally Sound Demonstration of ALARP
  • Appropriate Conservatism in Safety Cases

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