Call for Papers for Special Journal Issue: Safety, Risk, and Reliability of Space Debris: Learning from Other Sectors.
The Safety and Reliability Society will publish this journal in 2022 and are looking for papers that discuss, among other things, how other sectors decommission, how to incentivise organisations to invest in active debris removal and decommissioning, balancing commercial growth with environmental impact, new technologies that could have a significant positive or negative impact on the space debris landscape, and what the space industry can learn from other industries such as oil and gas and nuclear.

six topics have been identified and are detailed below. Each topic is hyperlinked to a brief description of what the paper on that topic should aim to cover.

Paper Topics

  • Engineering removal – solutions and reliability of systems – Net Zero
  • Accidents in space: What the past can help us predict
  • Technical aspects of risk assessments, limitations and learning from other sectors
  • Digital in space: vulnerabilities and strengths
  • Creating change, responding to societal needs world wide: Space supporting development
  • What works in space education, what’s being done ?

Potential Authors

One of the key goals in producing this journal is to not only constitute a cross-sectoral transfer of knowledge, but also to initiate a link between students/early careers individuals and established professionals in their respective fields. To do this, our aim is that each paper will have between three and five authors, the composition of which will include at least one student/early careers individual and one established professional in the space or other relevant non-space industry.

Acceptable Submissions

Original research, review articles, opinion pieces, and other styles of paper will be accepted; however, they should not be previously submitted pieces of work, nor should they be intended as submissions for other publications. Submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Submission Deadline

If you would like to contribute to any of the above topics, please ensure your entry is submitted by 31 January 2022.

How to Submit

Safety and Reliability is published by Taylor & Francis Group. To manage submissions, Taylor & Francis Group utilises a submission portal, which is located here. For information on how to submit an article, as well as additional guidance, please see the instructions for authors, located here.


Dr Emma Taylor, Cranfield University, Christine Vincent, University of Portsmouth,

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